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Sight-Size Drawing Workshop

****ATTENTION: This workshop is being postponed until 2/6/16 due to the anticipated inclement weather that is forecast for our area. Sorry for any inconvenience – I’ll see you on February 6th! – Pat***

I’ll be offering a workshop on Sight-Size drawing from the cast at Panza Gallery on Saturday, January 23rd from 1:30 until 5:00 pm. The cost for the workshop is $40.00.

Description:Cast of Diana
Students will learn the sight-size method of drawing by working from the plaster cast. Drawing from the cast is a logical next step from working with the Bargue plates (although Bargue drawing experience is not required). It was (and is) part of the foundational training in ateliers in Europe and the U.S.  Working with sight-size drawing will help you:
 – Develop awareness of, and sensitivity to the proportions of your subject
 – See your subject in a complete and unified, rather than piecemeal way

 – Sharpen your observational skills

 – Learn to simplify complex subjects
Because we see the subject and our drawing simultaneously at all times with sight-size drawing, visual relationships can be seen and recorded accurately and quickly. Historically, the sight-size method was used by such artists as John Singer Sargent, Gari Melchers, and Sir Henry Raeburn, to name a few.
Supply list:
-18×24 Drawing paper
-Drawing Board
-Artist’s tape or blue painter’s tape
-Vine charcoal (not willow)
-Kneaded eraser
-sharpening block or small square of fine (220 grit) sandpaper
-small hand mirror
-small square of chamois
Other items such as plumb lines and maul sticks will be supplied.

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  1. ATTENTION: This workshop is being


    until 2/6/16 from 1:30 pm until 5:00 pm due to the anticipated inclement weather that if forecast for the region this weekend. Sorry for any inconvenience. I will see you on the 6th of February!


  2. Pat, my daughter is very interested in taking classes such as this. She has a dance at her high school 2/6/16 and cannot make this class for the entire time. If I can arrange to get her early (4ish) would that be ok?
    If not, and you think it would be wasted time, are there more Saturday classes in store? Thanks!

    1. Hi Kelly,
      She can get the basics of what the class is about in that time but she may not get her drawing finished during the class. Cast drawings can take hours to several days depending on the complexity of the cast and the desired amount of finish in the drawing. She can definitely get an understanding of the major concepts during the time she’ll be there. There will be more classes in the future dealing with similar ideas (such as Bargue drawings) as well as other topics. I hope this helps!


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